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Business Gifts Supplier offers an extensive collection of silver plated keyrings and keyfobs suitable for engraving as custom corporate gifts or logo branded promotional merchandise. We offer FREE ENGRAVING of text or logos on all orders, as well as low, fixed price UK delivery. Most standard orders are processed and dispatched within five working days, and we also supply a free gift with every order.

Browse our selection of engraved key fobs and promotional keyrings below and click on a picture or title for full product and price details:

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Nickel Plated Rectangle Shaped Keyrings

Nickel Plated Rectangle Shaped Keyrings£4.61   £3.69

Silver coloured metal keyrings in rectangle shape with polished nickel plated finish, supplied in presentation box.

Leather and Silver Plated Keyring

Leather and Silver Plated Keyring£5.75

Leather and silver plated keyrings offered with free text and logo engraving.

Nickel Plated Star Shaped Keyrings

Nickel Plated Star Shaped Keyrings£4.61

Quality metal star shaped key ring with silver coloured polished nickel plated finish, offered with free engraving.

Chrome Plated Disc Keyring

Chrome Plated Disc Keyring£3.36

High quality affordable metal keyrings with a chrome plated finish, with a circular pendant fob.

Silver Plated Padlock Keyrings

Silver Plated Padlock Keyrings£5.74

Silver plated key rings with three digit locking mechansim. Ideal for corporate gifts and branded merchandise.

Silver Keyfob with Bottle Opener

Silver Keyfob with Bottle Opener£9.68

Stylish silver key fob with multiple keyholders and a bottle opener function. Ideal for engraving.

Two Heart Silver Keyring

Two Heart Silver Keyring£8.10

Quality silver plated keyring in disc shape inset with two red hearts.

Silver Plated Heart Keyring with Crystal Studs

Silver Plated Heart Keyring with Crystal Studs£8.00

High quality silver plated key rings with polished finish and featuring crystal studs. Ideal for engraving.

Keyring with Bottle Opener

Keyring with Bottle Opener£2.58

High quality silver plated keyring with bottle opener, offered with free text and logo engraving.

Silver Plated Square Shape Keyrings

Silver Plated Square Shape Keyrings£6.70

Superior quality silver plated keyring in simple, elegant design. Keyrings suitable for engraving as corporate gifts.

Keyring with Penknife

Keyring with Penknife£11.06

Silver plated keyrings featuring multi-tool function, with penknife, file and scissors.

Silver Plated Diamond Shape Keyrings

Silver Plated Diamond Shape Keyrings£7.20

Superior quality silver plated keyring in smooth, rounded 'diamond' design. A corporate gifts item perfect for engraving.

Deluxe Key Fob with Leather Strap

Deluxe Key Fob with Leather Strap£5.39

Stylish leather and silver keyfob made in soft-touch Italian Belluno leather and with spring loaded easy release mechanism.

Square Silver Plated Keyring

Square Silver Plated Keyring£4.94

Square shaped keyring with silver plated finish, offered with free text and logo engraving.

Silver Steering Wheel Keyring

Silver Steering Wheel Keyring£5.75

Silver plated steering wheel design keyrings offered with free text and logo engraving.

Metal & Wood Oval Keyrings

Metal & Wood Oval Keyrings£5.81

Satin metal and wood keyring suitable for engraving as corporate gifts or merchandise.

Silver Plated Heart Shaped Keyrings

Silver Plated Heart Shaped Keyrings£7.82

Superior quality silver plated key rings in heart shaped design. Ideal engraved as corporate gifts or branded merchandise.

Silver Plated Torch Keyring

Silver Plated Torch Keyring£11.06

Silver plated keyrings with torch and ID disc. These torch keyfobs are ideal for engraving on the circular ID disc.

Nickel Plated Star Keyring

Nickel Plated Star Keyring£5.75

Star shaped keyfob in nickel plated finish, supplied boxed, offered with free text and logo engraving.

Silver Plated 'Disk' Keyrings

Silver Plated 'Disk' Keyrings£6.47

Attractive keyrings in silverplated finish with screwball mechanism. Ideal for engraving as business gifts.

Silver Plated Roulette Keyring

Silver Plated Roulette Keyring£8.29

Silver plated keyring with roulette game and coil wire loop.

Silver Plated Keyring with Whistle

Silver Plated Keyring with Whistle£6.58

A quality keyring featuring a silver whistle and silver ID disk, ideal for engraving.

Silver Plated Keyring with Torch

Silver Plated Keyring with Torch£9.79

Superior quality pendant keyring with torch function in smooth, silver plated finish. Ideal for engraving.

Chrome Plated Rectangle Keyring

Chrome Plated Rectangle Keyring£3.30

Affordable chrome plated keyrings in rectangular shape, offered with free text and logo engraving.

Leather Rectangle Key Fob

Leather Rectangle Key Fob£3.59

Rectangle key fob in soft-touch Italian Belluno leather, priced to sell and ideal engraved as corporate gifts.

Silver Plated Kissing Doves Keyring

Silver Plated Kissing Doves Keyring£8.39

Keyfob in shape of two doves with polished silver plated finish and inset with pink enamel.

Chrome Plated Pendant Keyring

Chrome Plated Pendant Keyring£3.49

Affordable chrome plated keyrings with a teardrop pendent shape design, offered with free engraving.

Silver Plated Golfer Keyring

Silver Plated Golfer Keyring£5.52

Silver golf keyrings with golfer insert set in silver plated key fob.

Silver Plated Thermometer Keyrings

Silver Plated Thermometer Keyrings£7.26

Fine quality silver plated key fob with thermometer dial and three sturdy key rings.

Silver Plated Sitting Cat Keyrings

Silver Plated Sitting Cat Keyrings£9.59

Keyring with silver plated fob in the shape of a sitting cat. Includes circular disc for engraving.

Silver Plated Butterfly Keyring

Silver Plated Butterfly Keyring£9.59

Keyring with butterfly charm made with silver plated finish and inset with red enamel.

Leather Oval Key Fob

Leather Oval Key Fob£3.59

Inexpensive key fobs in oval shape made in soft-touch Italian Belluno leather.

Silver Plated Sleeping Cat Key Rings

Silver Plated Sleeping Cat Key Rings£6.60

An adorable key ring with sleeping cat design and circular engraving plaque, in quality silver plated finish.

Silver Plated Footballer Keyring

Silver Plated Footballer Keyring£5.52

Silver plated keyrings with football player motif. Oval shape keyfob in silverplated finish, with soccer player insert.

Silver Plated Red Heart Keyring

Silver Plated Red Heart Keyring£7.80

Heart shaped keyring with striking red heart border inset within the silver plated keyfob.

Silver Plated Star Keyring with Clock

Silver Plated Star Keyring with Clock£8.71

Attractive matt finish key rings in star shape design and featuring a working clock with silver plated case set into the keyfob.

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Keyrings and key fobs from Business Gifts Supplier
These fine quality keyrings and key fobs are offered with free engraving from Business Gifts Supplier, ideal for customising as corporate gifts, promotional items, or presentation awards. To order your silverplated or nickelplated keyrings, simply select an item above and then click the 'Add to Cart' button on the product page. You will then be asked to specify your engraving text or to upload your logo for engraving. What could be easier? Your own custom engraved keyrings and keyfobs.
Free engraving for your business accessories
Business Gifts Supplier offers free engraving on all orders, allowing you to customise your keyrings or other business accessories at no extra charge. This offer applies to both text and logo engraving. Why not complement your custom engraved keyrings or key fobs with custom engraved business card cases or business card holders? We offer an extensive selection of card cases including silverplated card holders. Alternatively, for memorable and stylish corporate gifts why not consider our custom engraved silver plated photo frames? Ideal to record corporate events or achievements, our picture frames and photo frames can be engraved with any inscription you choose.