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Engraved Tankards

Pewter, silver plated and crystal glass tankards offered with free engraving. Browse this collection of quality English pewter tankards, silver plated tankards, and glass pint tankards, all ideal engraved as personalised gifts or corporate gifts, and buy online with free engraving.

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1PT Two Line English Pewter Tankards

Classic 1PT straight sided pewter tankard with two line bands decoration, supplied with black card presentation box.

1PT Straight Sided Pewter Tankards

Classic plain, straight sided pewter tankard, 1pt in capacity, supplied with presentation box.

1PT Georgian Pewter Tankard

A Georgian style 1PT curved pewter tankard with ornate curved handle, supplied black presentation box.

Boxed Plain Pint Glass Tankard

Glass pint tankard with plain body and patterned base, supplied complete with fully lined presentation box.

Cast Pewter Tankard

British-made cast pewter tankard with plain (undecorated) body and highly polished finish.

Boxed Clear Crystal Tankard with Curved Handle
£22.73   £19.32

Clear crystal tankard with curved handle, star base and supplied complete with lined presentation box.

Boxed Decorated Crystal Tankard

Crystal tankard with cut decoration and blank engraving panel, in lined presentation box.

1PT Pewter Tankard in Charles II Style

Premium quality pewter one pint tankard with polished finish, in presentation box.

1PT Polished Pewter Tankard in Tudor Style

Superb polished pewter tankard, handmade by Edwin Blyde & Co., supplied boxed.

Cast Pewter Tankard in Lined Box

Superior 1PT heavy gauge cast pewter tankard handmade in Sheffield by Edwin Blyde & Co. Supplied presentation boxed.

1PT Polished Pewter Tankard with Line Decoration

Superb handmade English pewter pint tankard, supplied presentation boxed.

One Pint Pewter Tankard with Whitbread Handle

Premium quality pewter pint tankard, handmade by Edwin Blyde & Co., supplied presentation boxed.

Boxed Clear Crystal Tankard with Curved Body

Crystal tankard with curved sides, large handle and a wide base with star shape decoration in the bottom.

Silver Plated Georgian Tankard

Silver plated 1PT tankard in Georgian style design, supplied with a luxury lined presentation case.

Celtic Design Pewter Tankards

One pint straight sided pewter tankard with two Celtic design bands, with presentation box.

Satin Band 1PT Pewter Tankard

Stylish 1PT English pewter tankard with a satin band design that is ideal for engraving.

Pewter Tankard with Celtic Bands

Classic fine quality English pewter tankard with two bands of celtic knot decoration, supplied boxed.

Polished Stainless Steel Tankard with Georgian Handle

High quality one pint tankard in polished stainless steel, with Georgian style handle.

Stainless Steel Glass Bottomed Tankard with Georgian Handle

Fine quality stainless steel one pint tankard with glass bottom and Georgian style handle.

Silver Plated Tankard with Presentation Case

Silver plated pint tankard, hand crafted in England and supplied complete with luxury fully lined presentation box.

Silver Plated Two-Line Tankard with Case

Handmade silver plated tankard with two-line decoration, in a luxury presentation box.

Brass and Pewter Tankards

Classic 1PT straight sided pewter tankard with brass detail and ornate curved handle.


Page 1 of 1:    22 Items