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12 Piece BBQ Set in Black Aluminum Case


Stainless steel BBQ tools in black fitted aluminum carry case.

15 Function Multi-Tool Card in Faux Leather Sleeve


Handy 15 function stainless steel pocket tool card in faux leather sleeve.

16GB Metal USB Memory Stick


Black and chrome metal 16GB USB memory stick with hinged cover, supplied presentation boxed.

175ml Stainless Steel Hip Flask & Cups Gift Set


Boxed gift set with stainless steel 175ml (6oz) flask, 2 cups & pourer.

1PT Georgian Pewter Tankard


A Georgian style 1PT curved pewter tankard with ornate curved handle, supplied black presentation box.

1PT Pewter Tankard in Charles II Style


Premium quality pewter one pint tankard with polished finish, in presentation box.

1PT Polished Pewter Tankard in Tudor Style


Superb polished pewter tankard, handmade by Edwin Blyde & Co., supplied boxed.

1PT Polished Pewter Tankard with Line Decoration


Superb handmade English pewter pint tankard, supplied presentation boxed.

1PT Straight Sided Pewter Tankards


Classic plain, straight sided pewter tankard, 1pt in capacity, supplied with presentation box.

1PT Two Line English Pewter Tankards


Classic 1PT straight sided pewter tankard with two line bands decoration, supplied with black card presentation box.

3in Pewter Quaich Bowl


3in diameter Scottish quaich bowl in polished pewter finish, with celtic design decorative band and handles.

4-in-1 Pen with Ballpen, Stylus, Cleaner and Smartphone Stand


Versatile promotional pen with ballpen, stylus, screen cleaner and smartphone stand.

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